Personal Statement

I have 3 children that all keep my busy and I love it! Sometimes it's stressful to balance work and home, but I'm lucky that I am able to balance it and be present when my kids want / need me to be.  My ds  has been diagnosed with autism, bi-polar disorder and ADHD so that creates it's own set of challenges, but he's an amazing young man who continues to make progress in leaps and bounds.  My middle dd has the most amazing sense of humor, she just cracks me up.  She loves all things sport related and excels in anything she tries.  My youngest DD has such an amazing personality she just makes all of us smile! I'm so lucky to have wonderful children, an amazing husband and wonderful life!

My Kids
  • Jacobi
    Jacobi 7 years old
  • Scottlynn
    Scottlynn 18 years old
  • Kyle
    Kyle 20 years old