Personal Statement

I spent more than a decade building a career as a Marketing/Business Development Executive in the business to business publishing industry. 

When my son was born, I could not put him in day care, so my husband quit his job and was Mr. Mom for two years.  Then we traded, I became a part-time business consultant and DH went back to work.  We had a daughter, and I consulted. 

My DD is now in Middle School and my DS started HS. and I decided it was time to put the analytical, inspirational, writing talents I have developed into a career I will truly love.  I published my first book in January "The Practical Guide to Happiness: If You Don't Like How You'e Feeling, Think Again", and I am working on my next title "7 Things Your Soul Knows that You Don't":



My Kids
  • girl 16 years old
  • Boy
    Boy 18 years old