Personal Statement

Things I love:

My son, Raymond Richard Simonsen 5-12-11

My husband, when he's not an ass



Soda, especially anything cherry


My dog

RPG Games





Crazy hair colors (my profile pic is me with blue hair, its currently purple though!)

Speaking my mind

My mom, RIP 1951-2007

Did I mention my son?

Classic Rock music



Things I hate:


Smelly people

Rude people

People who dont speak english (sorry, you're in america. i do have friends from all sides of the world, so dont call me racist)

Snobby rich people

Idiot drivers

Flaky friends who only talk to you when they want something

People who pick fights over the internet. You're not that cool and I dont care if you dont like my opinion

People who hound pregnant women, telling them to not do this or that. Its not your body, not your baby, not your business.

People who make fun of my sons ears or how big he is. He is not fat, he is tall like his father who is 6'4

Men who treat women like a piece of property

Dramatic people. If you're drama, stay away!


Neigbors who knock on your door 24/7asking for crap thinking you're an ATM or convenience store

Snarky slum landlords

People with smelly feet

People who judge me for my appearance. Yes I have blue hair, tattoos and piercings, no im not a criminal and no im not a drug addict! I have a clean background thank you very much!

People who say lupus isnt a disease. Yes it is, I hurt every single day and Im still here and fighting!




Thanks for taking the time to read!

My Kids
  • Raymond
    Raymond 6 years old