Personal Statement

I've Learned.... 

Even at 23 Ive had more life experience than most people but Im still learning something new about my self and the world everyday... I love that.

Love isnt always what you expect it to be. 

blessing come in sometimes very painful ways

God truly does only give you as much as you can handle, well in my opinion. 

My son is an angel send from heaven, I know it sounds rediculous but I honestly think this.. when I found out I was pregnant with him I was in a very abuse relationship and finally got the courage to say F-you when he was 5 mnts old, even as a newborn He showed me what real love was. I am so thankful for him.

If its true love it will find its way... my soon to be husband and I met in june2008 never thought we would meet again, since I was in a relationship from sept.2008-aug.2010... god works in mysterious ways and crossed our paths once again in january 2011... now Im never letting go of him. (my fiance that is)

If they drive you crazy... in a good way ;)  consider it a blessing

I criticize myself alot, but I love my non perfection.... and so does my hunny. 

I love pinterest

I hate Facebook.

I have horrible ADD and ADHD, but I dont let that hold me back from my goals... I love to learn and reach my goals and nothing will stop my from reaching my goals.

I have a great sense of humor...even though my boys don't agree :)

I love helping others. 

I am a CSA/CNA/HHA... how ever you say it...  I care directly for people who are sick and in need. 

I work at Children's Hospital & Love it. 

I am in school to be an M.A.... overall goal in Nursing. 

I am sooo far from perfect. 

My Son and Fiance are the 2 most important people in the world to me. 

My son is an undercover monster as well as the sweetest little boy ever. 

I know everything there is to know about Elmo and Sesame st. oh and super why!

There is never a dull moment as a mother... never a free moment either. 

I like to talk... if you couldnt tell. ha! 

I love all music. 

my personality type is ENFJ_ which is the mentor. very fitting to me... I love enriching others lives. 

I am extremely Loyal

I am sensitive

I am so much Stronger that I though

live, laugh, learn... words to live by.

and my personal fav. so I dont Go insane..



My Kids
  • Boy
    Wyatt... 7 years old