Personal Statement


 10 things about me :

1: I love my kids more then anything Jaden is 4 almost 5 and Rylen just turned 2.

2. I have 7 tattoo's and 1 piercing.

3. I absolutely love animals and as soon as i we get our own house it will be a zoo.

4. Is very close to most of my family.

5. I love reality tv, myspace, and cafemom now.

6. I am very crafty but i get bored quickly.

7. i love to talk when i actually have time to get online.

8. i have been married and a mommy since 17.

9. Im very strange all the time i have like 24/7 mood swings.

10. I would love to make new friends to vent to or get advice from when i really need it.

My Kids
  • Rylen
    Rylen 11 years old
  • Jaden
    Jaden 14 years old