Personal Statement

Things I Love:  God, My family, Learning, Cheesecake with thick graham cracker crust, Alone time, Teaching, Swimming laps, Pregnancy, Honesty, Men's Curve Cologne.

Things I Hate:  Arguing, Lies, Hearing/ seeing people chewing with open mouths, Unnecessary explanations and justification, Obese children, Waking up early, Mushrooms, Loud people, Laundry and Dishes, Sorting/ getting rid of stuff, Undisciplined children

So basically I would love to get together in the early afternoon over cheesecake in my cluttered but clean house and talk about everything.  I just ask that you chew it with your lips closed.  I want to learn from you and want you to learn from me.  I don't need long explanations to figure stuff out and certainly don't need you to justify your actions to me, I am not judging you.  Please, don't bother lying to me because I can usually tell, but since I hate arguing and justifications I will not bother to call you on it.  If you are consistantly honest but kind I would love to be friends forever.  Just make sure your husband isn't wearing Curve because I may be sitting closer to him than you like (just to smell of course).  Then if someone can babysit so I can go swim some laps and clear my head then bring the kids out for some good exercise too, the day could end on a perfect note.