Personal Statement

I'm Stephanie Pangborn.

My dream to become a successful work at home mom began in January 2006. This is the month in which my first son was born. I was just 18 years old. Holding my baby boy (Jacob) in my arms I knew from the Beginning that I did not want to miss anything threw his years of growing up. I was a single mom living  at my mom's house. I thank my Luck Stars that I have one AWESOME mother! She never once pushed me away or forced me to get a job. From a mother's perspective she knew an understand that I wanted to watch, be with, and take care of Jacob. As Jacob got older I started wanted to start preparing my self for our life. I knew I couldn't live with my mother  forever. So I enrolled into College to further my education to get the best possible job that I could do. I took night classes, so that I could watch Jacob during the day an my mother watched him at night while he was asleep. My high school sweet heart got back in touch with me! I was So Excited! All threw College we dated an reconnected an soon married. As of 2014 we are now married 4 wonderful years, and now have a second son named Caleb! An things could not be better! I love Spending Every Moment with my 3 Favorite Boys! I graduated college March 2012, an Jacob is now 8 yrs old and Caleb is 4 months! My Work at Home is AVON an i LOVE IT!  Intrested in buying or Selling Let me know! Questions or Comments please Message me!

My Kids
  • Caleb
    Caleb 4 years old
  • Jacob
    Jacob 12 years old