Personal Statement

I am a mother of four. Mason, Jasiah, Jordan, and Journey. I love being a mom and watching my children grow into wonderful individuals. I am married to Jeff and although we have our good times and bad, we work together to get through everything. I am an independent distributor for Herbalife and I love the products! As I go through my weight loss journey, I'm seeing the benefits of Herbalife and I enjoy sharing the information with others. I love, love to read! Every chance I get to read I do. Hence my siggy "Bookworm". I also enjoy going for walks and shopping. My favorite color is purple, my favorite holiday is Christmas, and one of my favorite leisure activities is spending time on CafeMom!

My Kids
  • Journey
    Journey 6 years old
  • Jordan
    Jordan 8 years old
  • Jasiah
    Jasiah 9 years old
  • Mason
    Mason 17 years old
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