Personal Statement

I am a mother of 4 and a wife to 1.  My life basically revolves around my kids.  Like most mom's I know.  But I do try to find time for myself to play with crafts.  I like to make jewelry, scrapbook - both traditionally and digitally.  I love polymer clay.  I can sew, and usually do it once or twice a year.  (Halloween costumes are my specialty). I love a good action movie, probably because it takes me out of reality for a little while.  But I would love to have more girlfriends.  I have a few good ones, but most of them have completely different schedules than me and we never get to hang out.  So I would love to connect with  other mom's out there who are in similar situations.

My Kids
  • Teagan
    Teagan 11 years old
  • Madison
    Madison 16 years old
  • Zachary
    Zachary 20 years old
  • Austin
    Austin 23 years old
More Kids