Personal Statement

Hi there!
I'm Sarah, 21 and from Delaware.
I am a Senior Lab Technician in the automotive paint industry, but I have a passion for doing makeup, hair and giving fashion advice. Everyone needs to switch up their look every so often and I love helping people re-invent themselves.

Though I am not a mother (yet!) I am married and have three very young siblings (my parents tell me they get a "7 year itch") who I basically raised before tying the knot and getting a place of my own. After years of coaching my mother through clothing choices and makeup application, I gave myself a PhD in "functional, realistic style".

If you're ever looking for advice on how to do your makeup for your wedding, what to wear on a first date, how to fix your split ends without chopping off all of your hair... etc. Just send me a message :) I'd love to help.