Personal Statement

I am 47 yr old mom of two adult kid's a daughter 24 who is married 4 years . With 2 perfect little girl.  A son 21 engaged to a nice young lady   they also  A little girl   I have been married 25 .  Our House is full There  is alo of tension at times. Yet when  push comes to shove as the saying goes. We are a family. I  was born and raised in  NJ as was my husband. We moved to SC  18 yrs ago  in hopes of a better  life  not relizing  we  would both end up disabled. His bad heart  and  I  being in a car accident  Pretty much ended all our dreams  of a good retirement,& the finer things in life. All in all a least we still have our  kids and  Grand kids. I thank the sweet Lord for that every Day

My Kids
  • Daniel Jr
    Daniel Jr 28 years old
  • Jess
    Jess 31 years old