Personal Statement

I'm a Pagan, walking the Druid path. My main God/desses are Rhiannon, Cernunnos, Brighid and Lugh. I'm a collared submissive, living the BDSM lifestyle 24/7, and, yes, I call Him by the title of "Master." We also have a May-December marriage.  I'm chronically ill and live every day with five illnesses. I attend veterinary technology school and I work in a veterinary hospital. I'm also a Goth, a headbanger and tattooed. I'm addicted to the Investigation Discovery Network, "American Horror Story," "The Walking Dead," "Vikings," and "Criminal Minds." I love to read, cook, belly dance, bead, travel and attend Renaissance faires. I love all kinds of music, my favorites being Middle Eastern/North African, Celtic, Goth, the blues and heavy metal. My favorite book is An Unknown Woman by Alice Koller. My favorite movie is "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King." My favorite song is "O Death Come Near Me" by Draconian.

As for my politics, I'm a left-winged, bleeding heart liberal Democrat, who is pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-environment and a feminist.

I will not apologize for the way I've chosen to live my life, nor will I defend my choice. Either I'm accepted or I'm not. I'm no longer denying who and what I am. If the other women here can't respect my choices, then that is their loss, not mine.