Personal Statement


  I am.....

*The mother of 4 children.....ages 7 to 14, whom I love very much!

*A WAHM.....I used to teach in the public schools, but found my "niche" in network marketing.....I was born to be an entrepreneur!

*A Christian......the Bible is my 'roadmap' for life - I have a sincere desire to know, and follow it daily.  I  may get "off track" but, will continue to move in the right direction - I am a sinner saved by Grace!

*Constantly working on balancing my time, focusing on my priorities, and just saying "no" to all the 'good' distractions.

I Enjoy.....

*Decorating, shopping for home accessories and furniture (or I should say looking at and planning for 'future' purchases)

*"Down-time", relaxing with my kids on the couch, just talking, and being still.

*Reading, music, and watching "happy" movies 

I don't enjoy.....

*Talking on the phone, for the most part

*"Ripping and running" too much 

*The cold Ohio winters (mainly the dangereous driving conditions) 

My Businesses:
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                      Thanks for stopping by and have a Wonderful Day:)


My Kids
  • Boy
    Isaiah 15 years old
  • Girl
    Genna 18 years old
  • Boy
    Jason Jr 19 years old
  • Girl
    Hannah 21 years old
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