Personal Statement

happyHi! Thanks for coming to see me! :o) My name is Regan and I live in the Savannah area of Georgia... born and raised. I enjoy it here, but also love the mountains of Tennessee. Besides location, I joined up with Work at Home United back in 2008 when I found myself looking for a way to make an extra income. I am still with that wonderful company and am also going to school full time for Marketing Management.

As far as children go, I have one silly little girl that walks on four legs, her name is Bonnie. She is a Maltese that is about to be five years old :] When it comes to actual children, I look forward to having babies of my own one day. But, in the meantime, I like to get to know other women here on the site as well as help those that are looking to work from home.

As for me... I'm a very friendly person. I love meeting new people-- so definitely feel free to 'make friends' with me! I'm Extremely optimistic & positive... I do my best to keep from stressing out too much and focus on the fact that 'this too shall pass'. 

I enjoy playing tennis, golf, boardgames, the piano, and billiards. I like to tinker with scrapbooking and sewing. I also like riding four-wheelers, walking/yoga, hiking, fishing, singing, and laughing. I am a big reader... but tend to stick to books that will help me understand people, life, my spirituality, and myself. I'm very much a 'lover' and not a 'fighter', but am not afriad to stand up for myself if need be... I do my best to understand others and where they're coming from, and to truly hear people--- not just listen.

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My Kids
  • Sydnee
    Sydnee 9 years old
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie 11 years old