Personal Statement

Ten things about me:

1. I work fulltime as a paralegal and file clerk in a law firm.

2. I love working with kids, I adore children in general. I hope to have one more child with my fiance after we get married.

3.I love to sing 

4. I was previously a student of Veterinary Medicine before I switched to legal studies.

5. I am working out like crazy right now. I gained some weight due to some health complitcation and am working on being healthy and comfortable with my body again.

6. I love playing football. Wide reciver!

7. I really love pottery. One of my earliest memories is when my dad  would take me to his pottery classes in college and I'm not too bad at it!

8. I'm happily divorced. Proud to have removed myself from a toxic situation and moved on to a healthy and positive relationship in my life.

9. I think I might be a little OCD.....

10. I have just this year started wearing my glasses more consistently. Less stubborn with age?


Thats me in a nutshell.....well at least some of me :)

My Kids
  • Boy
    Micheal Jr 6 years old
  • Macsamus
    Macsamus 7 years old
  • Zoey
    Zoey 9 years old
My Friends