Personal Statement

Hello! Thanks for visiting my page.

 A little about me~ I'm a stay-at-home-mom of four boys ages 9,7,5, and 3- and a full time student. Life is good and busy:)

I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, painting, sewing and I'm getting ready to learn knitting - something I've always wanted to do!  I'm passionate about safe food production, animal welfare, the environment, living simply, and creativity in solving our social problems.

Two odd facts about me: My screen name is my genuine middle name- the consequence of being born to theater arts majors in the early 70s. 

I am synaesthetic, which is simply a missing barrier between sense areas of the brain. Though there are different levels of synaesthesia, and different combinations, I am the most common type- a grapheme to color synaesthete. I envision numbers/days of the week/months/years/decades/centuries spacially around myself. I thought everyone did this, but apparently not- if all the odd looks I've gotten when describing this mean anything.

Again- thanks for visiting, and have a splendid day.