Personal Statement

Don't know where to start, so I'll fall back on the Top 5 list for now: 

Top Five Things I Love/Hate

1.  Love:  My beautiful, funny, smart, artistic loveable little daughter, Mikaela, adopted from China at 9 months old.  

2.  Love:  My wonderful soulmate and "wife" Colleen. 

3. Hate: My ex.  Lived with him for 11 years.  I adopted my daughter as a single.  Now that I left him, he thinks he deserves 50/50 placement or more. And my first attorney sucked, so he gets WAY more than he should.  Of all the men in the world, I had to get mixed up with a very large, vindictive, passive-aggressive loser with borderline personality disorder tendancies.  Bitter?  Not me!

4.  Love:  My work with autistic kids.

5.  Love:  My kitties, all four of them.  We've rescued more than our share. : )

6.  Moving!  But our new place is awesome!

My Kids
  • Mikaela
    Mikaela 16 years old