Personal Statement


I was born in NZ, lived there till 8 years old. Moved to the US with my dad, he meet my step mom and had 3 boys (my 3 stooges) they were together for 13 years. I finally moved out on my own when I was 21 (GOD...took me long enough)

Had some odd jobs (a clown, nanny, companion for a old lady) Then in 1994 I met my DH, we have been together for 13 years,married for 9 of them. Devin works for Radio Shack, stepping his way up.

We have 2 daughters Fionna is 10, and Fae Leigh is 7. 2 dogs, one bitch named Pagan she is a rotti/shepherd mix. Rupert is my male dog he is a lurcher.



And we have 1 rat, and 3 cat the oldest one is 13 years Xaxxix he is the king of the house, he has the claws and teeth to do it! Then we have Flea she is about 2 year old. And last is Kat, the daughter of Flea. well you can see pics of them all.

My Kids
  • FaeLeigh
  • Fionna