Personal Statement

I'm mama to Madeleine, who I call Puma, hence pumamama, and Rebecca, ages 5 and 3 years, respectively. I'm very cerebral and can't quite get used to no longer having as much time to just think. I'm adjusting to housewifery and always looking for recipes, still unable to embrace with much grace the fact that I have to cook for other people now. I'm a disgruntled Catholic. I agree with the Faith , but dealing with the Church and other Catholics often reveals my shortcomings. Still, I try and be devout and tell myself that being tortured adds meaning to my life. I need naps. I am often accused of being a smart ass, but people seem to appreciate it. Those who don't get it tend to avoid me anyway. On family life: Babies are fun, men are a big question mark, an amusing curiosity, and a source of frustration. But I like how they can carry heavy things and remember things like checking the air in tires. I lived outside the US for several years and got married and started a family right when I moved back, before establishing myself, and that was a mistake--the timing, not the marriage...So it means I'm a little isolated and I thank G-d for Internet. I'm from Northern California but now live in SoCal and I am surprisingly a complete snob, convinced that all the world's evils are represented here. I'm still learning how cafemom works and usually discover I have messages a month or two after the fact and then I don't know if I should respond so late--so if I don't get back to you, don't be offended, I probably just have my head up my you know what.girl giving flower

My Kids
  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 10 years old
  • Madeleine
    Madeleine 11 years old