Personal Statement

Top 10 Things To Know About Me:

10) I am finally proud of who I am

9) My family comes first

8) I hate it when people try to judge other mom's parenting styles.

7) I distance myself from those who are a negative influences.

6) I believe in GOD, spanking, grounding, kissing and hugging, breast feeding, opinions, pushing the limits, scheduals, lists, family time, ANY FORM OF LOVE,  and the list goes on.

5) I have Borderline Personality Disorder which has been the hardest thing to overcome and control. But I have been doing SO much better by eliminating the things that stress me out the most in my life.

4) I am now a stay at home mom who is trying to concieve another baby. I have lost 2 so far. I have started Weight Watchers and exercising to try and help concieve...

3) I have a habbit of giving people 2nd chances...and 3rds, and 4ths. I've gotten alot better though on who NOT to give chances to anymore.

2) I am very strict, stern, and sometimes harsh to my son. But if you knew my son you would know why. You HAVE to be that way. If I'm not, he is the kind of kid who would get kidnapped because he is SO friendly to everyone. I do not caudle him, but I do comfort and love him when it's appropriate. I try not to "baby" him because he gets stuck in that role.

1) I LOVE taking care of my family and being a stay at home mom!

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My Kids
  • Monkey
    Monkey I'm Pregnant!
  • Quenton
    Quenton 15 years old