Personal Statement

My first love is being a mom. My children always come first!! My "me time" and form of exercise is my pole dancing!!  I hope that I can show others that pole dancing doesn't have to mean stripping. Although I have nothing against the exotic art of pole. I am not a stripper and have never been, I'm a pole dance instructor. Its a beautiful art form and a wonderful sport. My kids love to play on the pole too...they can be little monkeys. LOL. If you intrested in pole dance you can learn more about it at  StudioVeena!!! 

I enjoy life and try to keep things upbeat and possitve TRY is the key word here.

My husband and I have decided this will be our last baby and I think I'm ok with that....but I still get a little sad as baby Henry grows out of things and I pack up the baby clothes.


My Kids
  • Henry
    Henry 9 years old
  • Christopher
    Christopher 12 years old
  • William
    William 15 years old
  • Alexander
    Alexander 16 years old
More Kids