Personal Statement

Lemme see what I can say about myself... I have two children and three g-children. I live in Sin City aka Las Vegas but will always call CA my home away from home!   I am divorced, medically retired, "looking" sometimes.  hehe  I do love to do my passion, crafts, crochet, sewing and I love to read, mainly mysteries and I love the movies, I'm a movieaholic.

I love to go camping, not into the laying on the ground anymore, too old for that now.  I do have a bit of a back problem, (well really a lot a bit actually( so I have to be careful in what I do, otherwise I'm raring to go.  I love to do things at the spur of the moment, well most of the time, just a bit slower now.  hehe

I love making new friends, always have.  hugs