Personal Statement

I am EXTREMELY PROUD to be a mom of two awesome kids. My son surpises me every day with new ideas and thoughts. He inspires me with his hunger to learn, his need for personal expression and his curiosity for how things work. My daughter melts my heart. She is full of fabulousness, sassyness, she is very expressive and showers those she loves with endless hugs.

The journey into motherhood was not so easy for me. I found it difficult to let go of my spontaneous lifestyle, my 'freedom' and my care free attitude. But as I see it, I am a woman, a mom and a partner. And being a MOM and partner has helped to define me more as a woman. My kids helped me realize what life is really about. I love being a mom.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Kisses 12 years old
  • Boy
    Hugs 14 years old
My Friends