Personal Statement

I have one child, a son named Lucius, and I'd like another.

I am not "married" to his father, but we have a common-law marriage that enables us to share the same benefits. Our families accept and support this arrangement. I have come to appreciate it because at this point, if we decide to marry, it will undoubtedly be for us, and no one else.

I am fortunate enough to be able to devote my time to raising our son, and we wouldn't want it any other way. My "husband" works very hard to make sure that I am able to provide him with the one-on-one care that we feel is essential at his age, and I am very blessed to have them both.

My son was born at home with midwives, as I believe that natural childbirth is the safest, easiest, and most empowering way to give birth.The experience motivated me to pursue a career in childbirth education so that I can educate and encourage other families to do the same.

I believe that is important because natural birth without violence (ie, drug-forced deliveries, scalpels, forceps, etc.) and separation creates better people, and better people form a better society.

I also do not believe that a "natural birth" is simply one that does not include the use of an epidural. A natural birth is an unhindered birth where the laboring mother takes an active role in the process, is not hooked up to monitors that restrict her movements, and is able to eat, drink, walk, swim, kiss, cry, scream, dance or do whatever it is that her body calls her to do. When a woman is able to follow her body's rhythms rather than her doctors orders, she will birth more easily and more freely, and both mother and baby benefit.

I believe that breastfeeding= best feeding. Breastmilk is inarguably heathier, safer, easier to prepare, and it's free! It's not always easy, but it's almost always possible (about 97% of the time) As a result, I also believe that families who recieve governent assistance should only recieve formula under special circumstances, and formula samples should only be given to families in hospitals under the same conditions. There is simply no reason not to do everything possible to promote breastfeeding our children.

I do not believe in circumcision. There is no medical justification for it, as foreskin is not "dirty".....quite the contrary, it is protective. Every study that has indicated any medical need can be effortlessly debunked, leaving only religion and tradition. I won't touch a person's religion with a ten-foot pole, but I adamantly oppose cosmetic surgery on a newborn for traditional reasons. I believe that baby boys are born beautiful and whole and should be left that way.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Aurora 7 years old
  • Lucius
    Lucius 10 years old