Personal Statement

I am a mother of two grown girls and grandmother of one delightful little (18-month) boy.  My husband of 34 years and I have recently sold our home and moved to Lake Conroe in an RV.  This is our "pre-retirement" plan.  We'll take the RV on the road full-time when hubby retires from the Houston Police Department.  

Until then, I am embarking on a new adventure with a friend of mine.  We are starting a low-cost, family-oriented pageant system in the areas surrounding Houston where boys and girls can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence as they compete for trophies, crowns and other prizes.  In addition to hosting pageants, I am making pageant and prom dresses.  I always loved making my girls princess dresses at Halloween, and now it's Halloween all the time!  What fun!

As far as a top ten list?  Well, (1) is God, (2) is time with my faithful husband Al, (3) are my children, Amanda and Heather, (4) has to be my favorite (and only) grandson Zackary, (5) is making  frilly dresses, (6) is laughter with family and friends, (7) is a wonderful Gospel Quartet or Trio concert, (8) is seeing the USA from an RV, (9) is knitting, crocheting, and crafts in general, and (10) is painting.

As far as 10 things I hate, (1) would be disrespect, (2) is deliberate rudeness (like standing so someone cannot see around you at a special event), (3) would be both discrimination and reverse discrimination.  You can't correct a wrong by creating another wrong.  Reverse discrimination is just as much discrimination as the original offense, just against the opposite party.  (4) is probably arguing without a reason.  In other words, if you're going to make a statement, be able to show your proof.  (5) is never being able to say "I'm sorry," or "I did it."  If you did it, claim it, apologize, correct it, then move on.  And if you did not do it, accept the apology, forgive, and move on! (6) is banks and financial institutions, (7) is the two-party political machine that has imprisoned us all, (8) is sitcoms, (9) and (10) escape me right now!

My Kids
  • Grandson Zackary
    Grandson... 7 years old
  • Heather
    Heather 26 years old
  • Amanda
    Amanda 31 years old