Personal Statement

My name is christine. Im 23 years old. My son is christopher Joseph and i love him so much. Im from new york and proud but wish i lived in florida. I love piercings, i have 6 - i love tattoos and i also have 6 of them. I have yellow eyes. I listen to metal / grindcore / industrial / hardcore rock music and love to go to concerts and kick some ass in the mosh pitts. I love adrenaline rushes, have been skydiving and make sure i go on a rollercoaster atleast once a year. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I am pro-choice and would rather have an abortion then ever give my baby away for adoption, and i dont care if you like that or not. I am very spiritual but hate organized religion. Im really going to try to breastfeed for a long time with my next baby, but you wont catch me breastfeeding in public. I am extremley liberal, but conservative about sex and nudity. sunshine makes me happy. i love to work out but cant seem to ever find the time now that im a mom. i love that my son gets to be with his mommy all day, but i HATE being a stay at home mom. I have my associates degree. I cant wait to find a job and get a paycheck in my name. I plan on being rich and spoiling the shit out of my children. I cant wait to have a daughter and name her hailey marie. I hate movies, they bore the shit out of me. I only watch reality TV. I love yo gabba gabba and so does my son.

My Kids
  • Christopher Joseph
    Christop... 8 years old