Personal Statement

Hey Mom's! My Name is Jennifer, I am a 17 Year Old Mother of a Little Girl, Madison Nicole Lee, and a Soon-To-Be Mother of another (Hopefully a Boy) On the Way. I am due September 27, 2007! I am a stay at home Mommy, and I love every Minute of it! I have a wonderful Fiancee, James Lee, who supports Me in every way possible, and I love with all my heart. We are getting married, April 26, 2008. We have 36 pets.. haha, 2 Horses, 4 Goats, 5 Turkeys, and 25 Chickens!  Both of us enjoy horse back riding, Freshwater and Saltwater fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Hunting, and just spending time together with our beautiful Daughter!!!

My Kids
  • Expecting a Boy
    Bryson I'm Pregnant!
  • Madison
    Madison 11 years old