Personal Statement

I am a Mom. I have kids, and a husband. I love God. I love my Family, friends and pets. Everyone has the right to raise their own children how they see fit without the oppinion of others. No one way is right or wrong, it's your child and you know best. Go with it, Life is short, live it to it's fullest and enjoy every moment. This precious time we have with our children doesn't last long, before you knowit they'll be gone. We all make mistakes, but when we make them with best interest in mind it leaves us nothing to regret. We love our babies, We are all doing the best of our abilities. No one has the right to judge another. You won't find that here. If I give advice, it is only ment as a suggestion, a thought for you to do with as you please. I only take a few of my suggestions myself :)

My Kids
  • Ehvanjaleen
    Ehvanjaleen 6 years old
  • Ehlijah
    Ehlijah 7 years old
  • Whynter
    Whynter 10 years old
  • Ehric
    Ehric 11 years old
  • Khurt
    Khurt 15 years old
More Kids