Personal Statement

Emily Patterson has been researching natural cleaning and body care since 1994. Her publications include a variety of over 35 informative articles and two digital publications: Sunflower Naturals Non-Toxic Body Care and Sunflower Naturals Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide. Links to her articles are located on her web site,, where she also sells her books and manages an internet store full of over 500 natural products.

As the mother of a child with asthma, she found many scientific studies that suggest there are many chemicals in body care and cleaning products cause long term health effects such as asthma, allergies, liver disorders, Alzheimer's, kindney disorders, breast cancer,  birth defects and miscarriages. Her goal is to help educate consumers as to the risks associated with these potentially harmful chemicals so they have the ability to choose to take the scientifically shown risks with their health and the health of their children or to choose natural alternatives to avoid those potential risks. In addition to educating consumers as to the risks posed by chemicals in cleaning and body care products, Emily provides alternative solutions through her web site to provide consumers with a source for a wide variety of natural products and information to meet consumer body care and cleaning needs.