Personal Statement

well, I am a New Englandah and moved to Cleveland OH on new years eve of 06/07. some times I miss home, some times I really really don't. 2007 was full of changes, most for the bad, but a few good ones like my lil Q being born. we live with my beau (Q's father).

I love to fix things that are broken, mosty cars and small house repairs. some day I want another dog even though I know I will never find one as awsome as Jenna was. My fish tank has 2 fish in it fuzzy and caramel. um.. I am learning how to cook every day and just like alot of things I have tried to learn how to do, I'm actually pretty darn good at it so long as it doesn't burn.

I still turn alot of heads and get cat calls when I walk down the streets. I must have a damn pretty face because my body ain't like it use to be!

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