Personal Statement

I am a happily married Mom of 4.  Three girls ages 20,19,18 and a son 14.  My husband and I have been married for 21 years now.  He recently retired from the military and it is quite nice to have a full time husband.  I was a SAHM for many years but finally got back in the workforce in Aug 2005.  I work in the fast food area and was promoted to Manager at a fast food place that serves sandwiches.  I am enjoying it most of the time.  I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in July 2007 while my husband was overseas on his last remote tour.  I like having lots of different points of view to read/hear about.  When it comes to politics the closest I have come with identifing with any political party type thing would be libertarian.  I vote more for issues than anything else.  I love to read, mostly science fiction.  Robert Heinlein is my favorite author.  Well that's enough for now.

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