Personal Statement

Well my name is Kayla.

I got pregnant when I was 16 years old and had him at 17.

I got married when our son was 5 months old and it was 3 days before I turned 18.

I am currently 19.

I am nice, easy to get along with and I love my family.

I've been through A LOT and can relate to A LOT of people...

All you need to do is just ask me... 

Currently my 21 month old son is sitting in my lap pointing at the computer holding his toy motercycle.

I love my son and husband.

They are the best things in my life :)

I recieved my GED in September 2010.

I graduated from college with my CENA October 22nd 2010.

One thing I'd like to tell moms on here is that you MAY be young..

But don't let it discourage you and make you quit.

You can be a wonderful mom....

The best you can ever be...

And still help yourself

i.e. your education and job status.

You're child would want their mom to be a strong, beautiful, independent women.

With or without a guy :)

Be tough :)

Mama's are strong too you know!

My Kids
  • Boy
    Ricky 9 years old