Personal Statement

 Hi my name is Natalie I am 25 years old soon to be 26..... I have been married to my best friend Guillermo for 3 years and we managed to squeeze two babies in that time. We had our son Jeremiah in 2005 he is 2 years old. He is so energetic he likes to imitate what ever movie he is watching, we are into Lion King so he is SImba, well see how long it last.He loves to play with Guillermos remote control truck and thinks he can fix his cars with his dad's tools dad doesn't like that but waht can he do.  Then Leah was born in 2006 she is 1 year old. She is such a sweethart when she wants she can also ignore you when she wants to even if your standing infront of her. She loves to take Jeremiahs toys to get him mad. She is such a girly girl and yes she loves shoes at her age.  My husband and I are great we love to hang out with the family and go out and eat in the weekends.

My Kids