Personal Statement

I am a Christian. I love Jesus.  I love believers.  I love non believers.

I love my husband of 23 years in Nov, the love of my life who I met when I was 14

I love Anastasia (20 in college), Rene (17 college in Fall), David (married 2 kids) Ray (Married 2 kids), Joshua -homeschooled, Evangelina-homeschooled.  Had first at 22, next at 24, adopted 2 by 25, 5th by 27 and youngest by 31.

I love our Church: Calvary because they go from Genesis to Revelation and skip nothing. Worship is phenomenal.

I am passionately protective of... children, single moms (raised by one), the poor, the environment (though I have an old car..guilty pleasure), the freedom of religious beliefs free from persecution and attack,  my faith and my family.  I do stand up for what is right, stand against injustice and the unjust.

I love Reading: the Bible (take twice daily + throughout the breathing day), Hinds feet on High Places, All of Alexandre Dumas, All of dostoyevsky, Short and early stuff of Tolstoy, Ravi Zacharias, Homer (prefer Oddysey), Sir Walter Scott, C.S. Lewis (of course..M.C. essential), Warren Wiersbe (absolutely brilliant), The Bronte Sisters, Shakespeare (all of it but 12th night is my fav), To Kill a Mockingbird (everyone should rea by 6th grade), Pilgrims Progress...Ok Ok I read alot so this list can continue infinately.  Right now I'm reading No Compromise and Til We Have Faces.  And who could leave out the amazingly brilliant Miss Jane Austen (every single word) 

I love Music: Needtobreathe.(WOW), Loving Jared Anderson and Danny Donnelly's stuff right now (all of it)!!, mewithout You, Chris Tomlin, Bethany Dillon, Bob Dylan, Hilsong, A Fine Frenzy, The Normals, Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood, Ray LaMontagne, The Kry, Snow Patrol, Taking Back Sunday, Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, The Killers, Matt Brouwer, Damien Rice, Manna, U2, Jason Upton (WOW WOW),La Ley, The Clash (yes, yes, it was my time), The Who, Big Tent Revival, Shakira, Newsboys, SinBandera, David Crowder Band, Third Day, EverStaysRed, Echo & The Bunnymen (saw them at Irvine Meadows 24 years ago), Bilie Holliday, Eagles, Dead Kennedys, Heart, Iron & Wine, John Mayer, Maranatha, Crystal Lewis, Keith Green, Gypsy Kings...I Like music

I Love the heroes of the U.S. Military, men and women who put their lives and careers on hold, sacrificing themselves to protect our freedoms, fight terrorism and genocide, and set an example for the rest of us of courage, honor and sacrifice.

I love Photography: Nikon D70, N90s, S6, Rikoh KR5, KR30, XM10

I love Sewing: Janome MemoryKraft 10000, Bernina Bernette (4thread), Bernina Hemmer (3 thread) and Juki 5 thread.

I love my car..64 1/2 Convertible Mustang, chrome under the hood.  It's mine not my husbands though he wants it.  Nothing beats a Convertible Muscle Car in the SoCal Summer on PCH.

 1964 Mustang Convertible  - Gone Postal

This is Me


My Kids
  • WoozleE
    WoozleE 21 years old
  • BgoshJ
    BgoshJ 25 years old
  • PopaBear
    PopaBear 27 years old
  • Pookster
    Pookster 30 years old
  • Boy
    Ray 36 years old
  • Boy
    Dave 38 years old
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