Personal Statement

My name is Brittney, I'm 20 and I live in Indiana. My son, Owen, was born June 27 2012. He is a very talkative and inquisitive baby. Right now I work full time as a nanny for a great family. I'm very blessed to have a full time job for such great people and the ability to stay with my baby boy. My OH and I met in elementatry school and went to senior prom together, but didn't start dating until the end of our freshman year in college. I went to college for one year but could not get loans so I did not return. I was very active in drama and choir in high school. I joined this site to meet other moms and have someone to chat with. I would love to meet moms in my area that would like to have weekly or monthly playdates and maybe the occasional Mommy Night Out.

My Kids
  • Owen William
    Owen... 2 years old