Personal Statement

I love being a Mom. I had a hard time for a while, my husband left me and it devestated my 3 girls and me. We were lost and sad. Time heals. The girls are doing better. I met a nice man and we live together, it is going well. He has 2 daughters. So that makes 5 quite often, and I love it.

I am working part time now, at job a like well enough.

I also am working on rebuilding my Longaberger business. It was something I used to love. I have a website I'd love you to visit. MY Shop. Be sure and contact me I give an additional discount to make the products more affordable.


Great">">Great Place to shop and save and earn


My Kids
  • Emma
    Emma 18 years old
  • Sari
    Sari 20 years old
  • Jessica
    Jessica 22 years old