Personal Statement


Hey guys Im lauren I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my husband jay
We have a beautiful daughter named janis I love her with all my heart shes almost can roll over....she smiles and giggles alot (shes such a flirt too!) I like to spend a biweekly thursday night with my bestfriends in the world i dont know what id do without any of them. I am also a solicitor for the purple heart
I basically call people and ask for their clothing to go towards wounded veterans, I am a christian but im not one of those christians that preach at you or shove verses down your throat im very open to all religions and wont discuss religion with anybody unless they initiate it. I love to hang at coffee houses when i get the money and i like to spend my nights at the occasional rock concert when i get the time. I like to read, and i love to give advice and if this writers block ever goes away i like to write short stories and poetry. I think thats about it for me...


My Kids
  • janis
    janis 9 years old