Personal Statement

My name is Michelle (family and friends call me Chelle) and I am a mom of 3 girls ages 14, 12, and 10. I love to quilt and am currently making a few childrens quilts. I also crochet and knit as well as do some web designing and love photography.

I also sell girls crochet patterns at

My husband and I have started a wonderful weight loss journey together. His overall goal is to lose 93 lbs, and mine is to lose 20 lbs. We started on this healthier lifestyle when I started working with a great wellness company which got us excited about losing weight, taking great vitamin supplements, and exercising every day.

For more information, please visit my website at

My Kids
  • Jenna
    Jenna 15 years old
  • Alissa
    Alissa 17 years old
  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 19 years old