Personal Statement

10 Random Things About Me:

1. I have been a MN girl my whole life, but I hate the long winters (and now I've moved to WI).

2. The few hours a week not with my children are spent with precious babies at work.

3. I love sugar: cookies, ice cream, pop

4. I've recently become more of a gardener.

5. In college I cooked for everyone, now I have a hard time finding the desire to cook for the fam.

6. I was a single mom for a year, and will be a single mom for the next 20 months(this time it is because my husband is going to Iraq).

7. The older I get the more "green" I have become.

8. I love to travel, but hate to leave the kids.

9. I am studying to be a Certified Lactation Consultant, and I am currently a Lactation Counselor.

10. I'm slowly learning to be a "good" Army definetly has not come naturally to me!

My Kids
  • Lucy Christine
    Lucy... 12 years old
  • Elena Catherine
    Elena... 15 years old