Personal Statement

5 things I love

My man

My kids

The outdoors

Getting a good deal


5 things to know about me

I speak my mind

I'm pagan

I'm bi-sexual

I'm a SAHM

I'm a lot like a 50s housewife in my views

5 things I like to do


playing with the little monsters

looking for ideas for more crafts

shopping the sales

watching netflix

5 things you wouldn't guess about our lives without knowing us

I'm a witch, my man practices chi gung, one of our monsters is a christian,and the other monsters are still figuring out their own religious preferences.

We are a blended family and have lots of love to give, although my sweetie and I both came from VERY difficult/abusive/neglectful childhoods. We were both in the parenteral role 20years before either of us ever had kids of our own.

We are both stay at home parents. Neither of us have a need to work other then for fun. We do not recieve govt. assistance of any kind either.

We are typically old fashioned in a lot of our beliefs even though neither of us are quite 30 yet.

We do believe in doing random acts of kindness whenever they are presented to us. Usually every time we are out and about. Pay it forward people!!!

5 things I see right now

my man

my kids



and the computer screen





My Kids
  • MiniMonster
    MiniMonster I'm Pregnant!
  • MiniStepMonster
    MiniStep... 8 years old
  • Monster
    Monster 8 years old
  • StepMonster
    StepMonster 11 years old
More Kids