Personal Statement

I'm terrified of splinters.

I'm a geek at heart.

I am very old fashioned and traditional.

I believe very strongly that karma will come back to bite ya in the butt if you don't watch your actions.

Waking up each morning is a gift....I choose to use the gift to be joyful and loving. I live life intentionally and purposefully.

I've discovered that moving (packing and unpacking) and putting things together (desks, furniture, bookshelves, etc) brings out the worst in my personality.

I'm a really good cook....won an award for my salsa.....aye yi yi yi yi!

I love the movies Cool Runnings, Simon Birch, The Wizard of Oz, Ferris Beuhler's Day Off , Napoleon Dynamite and loads of other really cheesy ones too.

I am a frugal  Please....You can do better than that!

I am mama of three little boys with a genetic disorder and have been "into" special needs advocacy for over 9 years now.

I'm an unapologetic Christian, pro life from conception to natural death (no death penalty, anti-war & anti-racism and other forms of violence)  and yet I'm not one of those "harpy, Bible Beaters" need for that I think that people need to learn to get along and deal with differences. Face it, its mostly the guys.  They flunked out of Sandbox and their kindergarten teachers passed them on to first grade...if ya can't pass sandbox, you can't pass kickball, four square, dodge ball or any of the other more advanced playground games that prepare you for life....which leads me to my next point.  We homeschool and even my "special needs" children have been required to pass sandbox....I ain't creatin' no haters here! And also, I'm afraid of the ball....Oh my!  Terrified....Conscious sedation required to go to my DH's softball games, can't play is a serious phobia!

I'm crunchy. Cloth Diaperin', baby wearin', WAHM-supportin', No CIO,  AP ROCKS, tree huggin', nature lovin', country livin', homeschoolin', barefootin', garden growin', Proverbs 31 wife and mother.

 Words to live by:  If you can't sing good...sing loud!



My Kids
  • Samuel
    Samuel 13 years old
  • Daniel
    Daniel 18 years old
  • Jonah
    Jonah 18 years old