Personal Statement

I am a single mother- I believe woman have a right to choose and i CHOSE my son and I have yet to regret my choice.

I believe in fostering independent thinking and living in myself and my child.

I am going to school to become a nurse and I believe that people are people ARE PEOPLE- so treat everyone how you would like to be treated and try to put yourself in their shoes even when it's difficult to imagine their situation being your own

I believe women are beautiful, compassionate, courageous, brave, fierce creatures who were created to THRIVE

I believe in women's rights!!!! Go ladies from the 60's and 80's! I will never take for granted the battles my foremothers fought for me so that I could make the choice to be a single mom AND go to college at the same time.

We are women, hear us roar!

My whole life is bent to encourage, challenge, and aid my sisters in this journey we call life and to be the best mother I can be whatever the cost.



My Kids
  • Dominic
    Dominic 8 years old