Personal Statement

My name is Danielle.  Friends of the children call me Mama D if they cannot remember my name.  I am 35 years old and reside in Apopka, Florida with my husband, Michael, 48.  

Michael, and I have three children together, a boy age 5.5 and two girls ages 4 and 1.  I also have two older children that do not live with us from a previous relationship.   I have been a SAHM since 2003

Together as a family we love to visits playgrounds, indoor and outdoor, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, playing with play dough, finger painting, we love gardening because it is a great way to teach them science and sometimes just sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing but eating popcorn, watching a good movie and sharing a caffeine free coke.  We really enjoy doing this on rainy days. 


Sometimes when it is a rainy day we will clear out the family room and pull out our wooden railway system and set it up in the family room and play with the trains for hours.


There is NEVER a dull moment in our household.  Our 5.5 year-old d/s loves playing with our trains and his hot wheels.  Our four year old d/d loves to play dress up and she professes that she is going to one day be a ballerina and a figure skater.  We do not know what our 1-year-old d/d wants to be just yet but I can bet it is going to be something amazing.

Michael is an independent commercial real estate broker who works out of a firm in Winter Park.  He has been there since 1995 and has been in real estate for over 20 years.


As for me, well I volunteer any spare time to animal rescue and have plans on going back to college and becoming a veterinarian.  I would eventually like to obtain a 501C3 and start a Non-Profit organization dedicated to helping animals.  I have a strong passion for animals and pray that the children inherit this loving quality.


At the present time our family cares for 6 abandoned cats, two rescued dogs, three rescued cockatiels and a cockatiel that we inherited when my sister in law passed away a few weeks ago and one that was given to our four year old daughter for her fourth birthday that was on June 3rd and two goldfish.   So in a nutshell we have a mini zoo.


Well that about sums up my little family.  I look forward to getting to know this group better, meeting and greeting new friends.


Until then I wish you all the best!

Kindest regards,


My Kids
  • Anna Michelle
    Anna... 9 years old
  • Diana Ellen
    Diana Ellen 12 years old
  • James Michael II
    James... 14 years old
  • James Tyler
    James Tyler 23 years old
  • Patrick
    Patrick 26 years old
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