Personal Statement

I'm 30 years old. (Ahh!)... I have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl! Angelina Suzanne who is10 going on 25 Michael Carmine who is 4 Nicholas Kurt is 2 I've been with their father for 9 years now. I am married. I love scary movies. The scarier the better! I'm obsessed the Tudors!! <3 I am horribly un-organized and messy. I love my kids, my family and my friends. My favorite colors are brown, pink and green. I love make-up! I would die without it! I'm very loud . but also very quiet I cry very easily. Im way to nice to people who dont deserve it My computer keeps me sane! i love diamonds (but then again what girl doesn't). I believe in ghosts and Other Life forms there is no way we are the only ones out here in this big universe. I definitely believe in's showed it's face a few times already. =).. I love my TV ! thank god for DVR I love to drink tea with vanilla cream my fovorite goodies are ice cream and godiva truffles!!. I love music of all kinds music makes the world go around.. I love to bake and cook I can't function without tea in the morning! My friends are the most amazing people i know and also some crazy ass idiots lol with out them i dont know where i would be. I love to draw, I used to be great at it. I am a book junkie i love to read Steven King is awsome I'm a aries! I want to go to Ireland and greece and italy i love graphic art and can design almost anything my husband is my world ... teen girltoddler boyamerican footballin love

My Kids
  • Addison lynn
    Addison... 6 years old
  • Nicholas kurt
    Nicholas... 10 years old
  • Michael Carmine
    Michael... 13 years old
  • Angelina Suzzanne
    Angelina... 18 years old
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