Personal Statement

Hi! The name's Marissa, I'm 28 yrs old.

On January 6, 2014 at 7:26 pm my beautiful daughter McKenzie Nicole Mahon made her grand entrance!! She's my first. She was born 3 weeks early. She weighed 4 lbs 12 oz but she was perfectly healthy!! Now she weighs 33lbs & is still healthy!!! I thank God for bringing her in my life & for her being healthy. I am absolutely crazy over her!! She's my world & I just adore her so much!! I love you so very much Kenzie!!!! <3

I am taking Karate Class from my pastor who is a 6th degree black belt & I love it! Karate is hard, but well worth it. I am a green belt. I have 2 belts left then I'll be black a belt!! My dream is finally coming true & that's to be a black belt in Karate. 

I'm a real nice, sweet kind of girl.. but just because I'm nice doesn't mean I don't speak my mind. I am from wild & wonderful West Virginia & yes I love it. No it's not the inbred capital of the world.. that's just a rumor started from the wrong turn movies, so get that out of your head. I am a country girl most definitely.. I don't care to get dirty. I am definitely not a girly girl, yes I do wear make up & like to shop but that doesn't make me a girly girl. I don't take any crap from people.. I will stand for what I believe in & if you don't like it then you better not ask for my opinion!! I don't start fights or arguments with people on purpose.. I hate arguing & fighting!!! I never throw the first punch, but you can bet your sweet ass I'll throw the last one. Don't judge me before you get to know me!! I really am a good person when you get to know me. If you treat me right then I'll treat you right. If you treat me wrong then I'll treat you wrong.. it's as simple as that. If you don't like me.. then don't talk to me. If you don't like the way I dress.. turn your damn head, cause I ain't gonna change for you!!! I don't do what I do to impress anybody. I like making new friends & I'm always up for making new friends. So if you wanna talk.. msg me!! =)

My Kids
  • Girl
    McKenzie... 4 years old