Personal Statement

All-natural Mama on board here, with four precious blessings (three girls and one boy).  I am a health-conscious, lactivist, home-birther, organic food shopper and I am trying to educate myself to the max on the things I can do to work with, not against, God's design for nature, Global Warming or not.  I absolutely love being home with my kids each day and I am thankful every day to be so very blessed!  To be 100% honest, there is nothing about which I can complain in my life, because I love my life!  Thank you God!

My hubby and I are connecting in an entirely new way now, since we are helping people get healthy and fit together!  We are so stoked, because this thing is life-changing for so many people!  There is nothing better than helping people change their lives!  We are so thankful for this opportunity, and we are praying to continue to grow in influence so that more people are effected and changed for the better! 

My Kids
  • Zachary James
    Zachary... 7 years old
  • Anaya
    Anaya 9 years old
  • Nadya
    Nadya 11 years old
  • Lilyanna
    Lilyanna 12 years old
More Kids