Personal Statement

ELEVEN things I love...

11.  Fireworks!

10.   Reading... especially travel, historical fiction, how-to, and books that teach me mommy sorts of things

9.   Cooking, especially if someone else cleans up!

8.   Television.  Ahh, I'm addicted :-)

7.     Being outdoors and exploring new places

6.    Music... music, music, music!

5.    My insane adopted family of friends, and my real family of family... especially my sister, and not forgetting the in-laws ;-)

4.   Planning things.  Road trips, parties, dinners, picking paint colors, skits... if it requires any sort of premeditation, I'm into it.

3.   Traveling - around the world or around the block

2.   El darling Hubby-o

1.  Miss Elena baby-mine

My Kids
  • Girl
    Elena 9 years old