Personal Statement

I am a 22 year old momma to 2 wonderful little boys :) My 4 year old, Dante, has ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum), Microcephaly, Colpocephaly, ADHD, and ODD, with some autistic tendancies, and horrible behavior problems. I was told he would never walk or talk, but he is doing everything they said he wouldn't do, which makes the behavior problems a little easier to deal with if I just remind myself that he isn't supposed to be doing anything at all and I should just be grateful. My 2 year old, Ashdyn, has autism. But he is a fun, loving, obnoxious little boy. I am a WAHM, I am and Independent Marketing Executive. If you would like to know how to transform your home to be toxin free and a lot healthier, AND be able to earn an income while doing it, just let me know :) If there is anything you'd like to know about me, just send me a message!

My Kids
  • Expecting a Boy
    Romyn James I'm Pregnant!
  • Ashdyn
    Ashdyn 7 years old
  • Dante
    Dante 10 years old