Personal Statement

1. I love my two girls Alexis and Bella! twin girls

2. I am very private ....takes me a second to open up to anyone,confused

3. I have 5 brothers 1 sister,

2nd eldest brother had Terminal Cancer and passed March 27th 2009 so did my bff my niece/sister rons daughter on 9-19-09


4. I love my husband....been together 9 years since i have been 18...and he is the only man i have ever been with ever combing

5. I love taking pictures paparazzi

6. I'm a mommies girl happy

7.  I dont like nosey neighbors lol....surprised

8. I love icecreameee ice cream

9. I love fall and i love how snow looks on the ground!  snowgirl

10.My fave holidays are halloween, xmas and the 4th of JULY!july 4th

My Kids
  • Girl
    Isabella... 9 years old
  • Alexis Madsion
    Alexis... 11 years old