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I do believe there is a correct way to raise a child.  All other creatures on the planet accept this; why can we not.

Birth is a natural process not a medical procedure.

All mothers produce milk to feed their young; this is all that they need and what they are designed to digest. If a mother is unable to feed her child, another should assist her in any way necessary.

Male infants are not born requiring cosmetic surgery.  

Babies cry to communicate and their cries should be answered. They should be held and nurtured. Those who are "trained to be independent" will have trouble trusting.

They learn by example so we should treat them as we would like them to treat others.

They do not need to be injected with things to provoke their immune system.   A simple diet of raw foods will provide the body with the nutrients that it needs to keep itself healthy.

I am not saying I have made no made no mistakes. I've made plenty but I am learning to trust my instincts. It is too bad there are so many trying to convince us that we should not; that science has found a better way than what comes naturally.





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